Chapter 17, page 14

20 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 14

  1. Best vote incentive. Ever.

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

      1. Kinda expected Tirin to have been the one with the bots 😀

        1. you’re right, but let’s say she lent Dabney the drones during this pandemic

        2. Dabs changed their colour though, right? 😀

        3. yes, Tirin isn’t going to be happy about the color change!

        4. Yeah, she refers purple 😛

  2. Yeah, something seems ‘off’ about that doctor: just because Billy is male, shouldn’t mean the doc should react that badly

    Hopefully Lil Tir won’t dismiss Billy like her dad dismissed her

    1. My wife and I have known many doctors in our time(unfortunately), and the most competent ones have always been the ones who actually listen.

      This doctor just lost many many respect points right there.

      1. Yes, agree.

      2. Just as respect can be earned, disrespect can be earned.

    2. Sadly, in real life many doctors act this way. “Not invented here” is not unique to corporate management or the military.

      1. Saronian medical school definitely does not have a class on listening and empathizing (I don’t think U.S. medical schools have that either). But even if there was such a class, I don’t think a self-centered close-minded person would get it.

  3. I pretty much despise this planet. It has just about as many redeeming factors as the Emperor does. Sweet. Fuck. All.

    can’t wait for them to get theirs too.

    1. Cool to hear from you – always love to hear your viewpoints.

    2. So far, there have only really been three(?) irredeemable bitches on this planet: Bitchlock, Queenie and possibly this quack (and no, don’t really count Afro-dome and Zit-face as irredeemable, not yet anyway)
      Even the Traitor redeemed herself

      1. I don’t know how harshly we should be judging Queenie. My daughter read a biography of Mary, Queen of Scotts, and remarked to me that she was a nasty character. I responded, “Well, when you’re literally born into the Game of Thrones…” Queenie has heavy responsibilities, and appears to be on the edge of war. You don’t survive such by being *nice*–or by upending centuries of culture. It seems to me that she has gone as far as she can regarding the males of this company.

        1. Wasn’t referring to how males are treated in that society

          Remember how Bitchlock got away with what she was doing to the children? Because everyone was scared to bring it to Queenie’s attention, specially her subjects most at need of protection

        2. Who knew about it to bring it to the Queen’s attention?

        3. Umm, the families it was happening to?

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