Chapter 19, page 6 – Jixy

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20 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 6 – Jixy

  1. Dad Jokes! Awesomeness On Top Of Awesomeness!

    1. haha yes!

    2. When *I* was a kid, we just called them “groaners”.

      Same jokes, of course. I mean *literally* the same words in the same order. >_>

  2. Wait–my Dad jokes are ate up with awesome.
    My grandkids haven’t heard them a dozen times yet….
    Eric Hines

    1. They’ll love ’em all! A dozen times or more!

    2. It’s that thirteenth time that kills the joke…

  3. Hmm, parallel path to PeeTee…
    When do we find out Tor had a part in Ren’s parent’s murder-suicide? o_O (not expecting a spoiler answer, just putting that plot-point out there)

    1. Doctor Soria, I presume.

      1. He was involved in Oscar’s drug addiction

  4. So, Is that Bruce Willis’s old Fifth Element Taxi?

    1. Well, looks like they fixed the bullet holes and the ‘sunroof’ 🙂

    2. It’s a replica of a replica of a replica — still retaining some of the original’s characteristics, but yet, no bulletholes or sunroof 😀

  5. Reny is over hear implying that dad jokes are not only dead, but have been for a while.

    1. She’s reliving a painful story, and it lightened her mood. Mission accomplished.
      But she was pretty doggone trusting right after such a total betrayal.
      Maybe it’s Jixy’s hilarious crop-top. No suspicious character would wear that.

    2. They still live on, but probably called something else more modern now — only someone with Reny’s encyclopedic knowledge of ancient history knows what they were called back then.

  6. Invotive: just where is Piao’s right hand? Goosing her favourite student (of the week)? 😀

    1. Wherever it is, Wendy doesn’t seem to mind 🙂

      1. Who is Piao, and what does she have to do with Wendy? And yes, pay the Cabbie.

        1. Piao was Wendy’s tai chi instructor (it was a vote incentive at that time)

  7. What about the mouse! I mean the cab driver. He needs to get paid. So that is how they care about working class people.

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