Chapter 18, page 14 – Meet Tirinisho and Tirinia

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26 thoughts on “Chapter 18, page 14 – Meet Tirinisho and Tirinia

  1. Okay, so these clones are closer to the original than Sari?

    1. Oh wait, they never said which Tirin they are clones of, and Nia seems to know Reny likes to read books…

      1. They are newer (generated by Sariel in this new timeline). Sariel has a whole cloning factory at work in an undisclosed location where the spice is well guarded. The patreon story line “Who’s minding the spice” details a bit of this.

        1. That will explain it then: these Tirin’s are clones of TirTeen seeing how Reny is from a future without a Tirin

  2. Nia and Nisho should make it messy, and very painful, but quick and certain: leave no chance Scarface can escape and return

    1. to quote movie, “The Sixth Day” , right in the brain case, so they can’t clone me.

      1. Brain in the Quisinart, cook the pureé to a solid, and burn it.
        And OhByTheWay, I hope that they managed to catch *all* of him.

  3. I kind of feel sorry for this useless guy. He is totally inept as a killer, maybe he can be reformed into one of the good guys and work as a janitor.

    1. What are you talking about? He killed Reny at least once, not to mention others and made it look like ‘accidents’, he was only inept when he came up against Sari

      1. Ahm witchoo! Off to the food processor with hin!

        1. Have seen ads for a programme where the resulting sludge was fed to… cockroaches
          Only problem is… cockroaches don’t deserve to be treated that badly

        2. 😀

  4. There must be spaceship he can pilot, somewhere.
    After all, Oscar was great to have around, once he was… “forcibly reformed?” to work for the good guys.

  5. I love the suggestions for Torel’s fate — quisinart his brain or utilize him somewhere like Oscar…

    1. No, no Oscar (or even Bitchlock) redemption-arc for this fuckwart
      There is nothing redeemable about him, he has no useful knowledge or abilities (like Oscar had)

  6. Oooo, just remembered something: fuckwart is the one who did that bad shit to Oscar to make him go psycho
    Wonder if Oscar is paying attention to what’s going on ‘outside’

    1. Oscar is definitely enjoying the show!

      1. But, has he taken a close look at fuckwart though?

        1. He knows because Tirin knows. He’s satisfied knowing that the Tirin clones are going to take care of him (hopefully)

        2. Figured he would have been the type to want to make sure, and to do it personally (well, as personal as brain parasite can make 😛 ), specially seeing what happened to the Nurse

  7. Avatar


    Sariel should have waited until Torel was out of sight to show that Tirin Prime found Where’s Waldo.
    Unless it’s a trap to lure any other of his existences who may also have ‘accidentally’ jumped when he met his timely demise?

    Do the last part of the Spicy Tees names form a word or sentence? Like how the X-Men’s Stepford Cuckoos (the Frost girls) first letters of each name spelled out SPICE.

    1. I wish I was that clever with their names. Unfortunately, the last part of the Spicy Tees names only spell “ohias” which are flowering trees of the myrtle family in Hawaii 😀

      1. “Isho” translates from Japanese as “suicide note,” and “ia” translates as “ear.”
        Maybe Sariel, Tirinisho, and Tirinia have a Van Gogh kind of humor. And Tirin the Elder will be the recipient of a gift “later on?”
        Eric Hines

        1. haha! Yes!

  8. The girl likes books. Henceforth, I’ma call her “Reading Wranbo”.

    1. LOL!

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