Chapter 18, cover – SPY GAMES, NANO STYLE

Tirin monitors the time traveling serial killer, Torel, looking for an opportunity to interrogate or strike. Torel looks for the perfect opportunity to alter the past. Rennie reads Tirinโ€™s journal to find out what happens when Samson Johnson meets the Queen of Saronia.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 18, cover – SPY GAMES, NANO STYLE

  1. Knew there was something ‘off’ about ex-Queenie, and now we can see what…

    1. This cover is a kind of tribute to old comic book covers that sensationalized or exaggerated what actually happened in the story…but since the end of this chapter hasn’t been written yet, it may not be an exaggeration. Previous chapters have deviated from what I originally planned based on mood changes as well as what you readers have suggested, so who knows?

      1. Understood, and know the types of covers you mean ๐Ÿ™‚

        Obviously only you know the details, but… she has shown signs of something being ‘off’ the last few times we have seen her, not to mention that whole reason why Bitchlock managed to get away with that shit for so long

  2. now that is a different suit. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yes, I hope you liked it

  3. Hard to believe the Queen is that hard up for a fuck. I suppose he could be hung like a Donkey!

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