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  1. The detail you give your panels is amazing. I was gonna sit here and gush all over the last panel, but I think there might be a character limit…

    Tirin’s face in that last panel, though. Oh man! Thank you for sharing. It just keeps getting better. Even if my RSS reader got flooded the last couple days. πŸ˜‰ Glad to see you escaped the Smackdown by Jeeves, or survived it anyway. πŸ˜€

    1. He has been consistently great with subtle facial changes πŸ˜€

      Yes, great that “Merceneiress” managed to escape, unfortunately “By The Book” wasn’t so lucky (fortunately they have had a backup secondary site for years, just can’t comment on it without logging in)

      1. Abby has always had great expressions πŸ˜€
        Go back to Chapter 12 where she is first introduced and enjoy πŸ™‚

    2. Thank you so much! Really appreciate it!

  2. [Cont’d from prior episode]
    Good to see you back; I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms.
    I host my blog on pair Networks using WordPress. Pair‘s customer service has been outstanding.
    However, my point here concerns pair‘s WordPress. I don’t know how well WordPress does with comics, but pair has a good newsletter, The pair WP Minute, that gives tips on how to optimize the WordPress support for a blog.
    One more thing: your current comment facility might be exposed to spam. I use Akismet for my comment filter. The basic subscription filters spam to 5-6 sigma, and I’ve not seen any legitimate comments get filtered. I do need to filter the very occasional bit of spam that gets through.
    Eric Hines

    1. Thank you for your advice! I’m a newbie with WordPress, but will definitely install Akismet (your comment was “held” for me to approve — which was strange).

      1. My comment had URLs in it. Some blog engines default to holding such comments for human moderation; some URLs could be to nefarious sites.
        There’s usually a setting there that lets you specify a minimum number of URLs before the comment is held. That setting depends on your risk-work tradeoff; it only takes one URL to mess up your site and every comment reader who clicks on it.
        Eric Hines

        1. I see. Good to know. Learning more and more about this stuff — slowly but surely.

  3. Damn, Queenie really is an idiot!
    Time for the long and glorious reign of Queen Yritai!!

  4. A quibble: maybe cauteriz*ing* arrows?

    Glad to see that you were able to recover so quickly from whatever Smackjeeves did (totally changed their service model?). Thank you for the wonderful story and art and characterizations and … and … and … .

  5. Finished the re-swim, believe may have missed the page where Dabs explained why she ended up in that cave for 12 years (something about being hired to impersonate Queenie to sleep with some other planets king to arrange some sort of trade or a deal, butt naturally Dabs wouldn’t do that so she implanted an image in his head and he agreed to the deal or trade, butt then Bitchlock brought up the fact that it is forbidden for a Vay to sleep with an outsider {or impersonate the Queen} butt her punishment would be commuted to serving time in the Tedemis Trial until such a time as she had won 12 matches)

    1. That story was told in the CAST page which I have posted back up again ( the actual story was seen in Patreon)

      1. Thank you, was actually beginning to wonder if actually had read that πŸ™

        Forgot to mention: posted a few comments, just so the pages weren’t completely empty πŸ˜€ (no spoilers hopefully)

  6. or maybe a cauterized wound
    (sorry, a second comment on the same thing, my editing mind is slow today)

    1. You’re right about that. I will correct once I am able to access my computer this weekend

      1. Agrecian that ‘a cauterized wound’ would work betterer

    2. Ok, changed it a bit (I liked “cauterizing arrows”)

      1. That works just as well, maybe even betterer πŸ™‚

  7. I wonder why the queen and her people keep calling little Tirin “young girl” or “little girl” like they don’t know who she is already? It seems almost deliberately disrespectful…

    1. It is, hinting at how they look at β€œhalf-breeds”

      1. And what Bitchlock would have done to Shara if Flin hadn’t gotten to her first (Dabs was lucky she had an exploitable skill)

  8. Just thought of something: that move Afro-dome mentioned, was a sacrificial distraction move, she was going to sacrifice herself while Zit-face retrieved whatever it was Bitchlock didn’t want to be found holding, butt when ZeeTee chickened out AeeDee had to improvise and do both parts

    Looking forward to finding out what it was (might not be looking forward to what happens afterwards, depending on what it was… )

  9. Spotted a flaw in the guards’ positioning in the invotive, not sure if will say what it is, or the assassin might get caught… πŸ™‚

    1. Hmm. What’s the flaw?

      1. Actually, it’s two visible flaws: they are all looking outwards away from the couch thingie (it has a special name, just can’t think of it right now… ), and there is no one at the head of it

        If it was me, would have them facing inwards, looking not only at Queenie butt each other, that way, they could be watching each others butts (unless Queenie doesn’t like people looking at her, including her personal body guards). Little chance of anyone sneaking up from a blind spot

        1. Ahh. This is part of a Patreon series and I didn’t include the “story.” Yes, the guards are not able to view the Queen due to the Queen Flesh Law. The security team wears masks to avoid violating the Queen Flesh Law, which states that no one shall be able to view the Queen when more than 75% of her flesh is exposed for extended periods of time. The mask reminds them of this, for if they glance for longer than 5 minutes, their eyes receive a quick shock, just enough to remind them. If they continue to view longer despite the shocks, then they run the risk of blindness.

        2. They could still view over here, to make sure the other guards are safe
          Way to easy to take one out without alerting the others if they have their backs to each other

          If the masks prevent viewing anything below a certain angle, there shouldn’t be a risk of peeping on Queenie ‘accidentally’

          Not meaning to argue with how you have set things up (the little things that make up the bigger World View are always interesting to learn about), just suggesting possible ways to be more efficient for Queen Yritai πŸ˜€

          As for “Queen Flesh”, is there really that much more on display than usual? o_O

        3. As far as the Queen’s display of flesh, 5$ Patreon members have found out there is more than usual.

        4. Queenie is a ‘Queen’? o_O
          Still can’t afford to Patreon, butt if you put together another one-off package…

        5. I may just do that since I have a new website — will look into offering that directly on this site…

        6. But, but–there would be sufficient balance in the universe if the guards always wore less than the queen….
          Eric Hines

        7. πŸ˜€ haha!

        8. Hmm, 5 minutes is more than a ‘glance’ already

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