Hello, “what the heck happened?” you may ask.

The host I used for Merceneiress (Smackjeeves) completely revamped their service.  My subscription to their website hosting plan was “terminated.”  They are no longer offering custom URLs and templates.  They have created a whole new site and mobile app for reading comics.  Each comic will have a new comic profile to provide “easier navigation.”  They will be “introducing coins which will be used to purchase exclusive comic titles.”  They got rid of their forum.  So I decided to move Merceneiress to a different host.  I already owned the domain “merceneiress.com” from before I joined Smackjeeves.  Many former Smackjeeves authors moved to Comic Fury, which looked like a great hosting site, but I decided to create my own website.  I subscribed to Dreamhost and spent days learning WordPress.org, ComicPress theme, Comic Easel plugin to recreate the site.  After many hiccups and pulling out some hairs, I finally got the site up and have uploaded the entire archive.  There is still a lot of work to do on the site.  I will continue to update Merceneiress every Friday.

I am sad that all of your wonderful comments from Smackjeeves are gone, but I hope you will continue to enjoy the series and please feel free to comment!