Chapter 20, page 11 – Uh, we’re just selling guns

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23 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 11 – Uh, we’re just selling guns

  1. A person like that doesn’t pop through your front door every day.

  2. Heh, that’s for sure a way to “get the door for you”.

  3. A person with any training knows to not put her finger on the trigger of a firearm until she’s actually ready to fire and intending to. Reny’s trigger finger should be indexed–along the pistol above the trigger. There’s a problem with how far past the trigger her finger extends when she’s actually pulling it, too, but that’s a personal discipline nit with a self-aiming weapon. The tollewon seems uncharacteristically poorly trained.
    Eric Hines

    1. Absolutely right — I’ve moved Reny’s finger above the trigger while not shooting the gun. Tirin definitely would have taught her that — thanks for pointing that out!

  4. So Trina “gets the door” for him by putting PANK chick through the door. I like her style…

    Lurker314 here. The post happened post-haste, it seems…

    1. That was Loretta, one of TirTeen’s guards

      1. I haven’t had the chance to explain yet, but she is not one of Tirin’s — she is a neighbor specializing in a different trade that others who visit that alley may want to buy…

        1. Yeah, knew that, just thought it would have been cool if they had been TirTeen’s guards: no one would look at them too closely, and they would have reason to be out front at all hours, but then again, they wouldn’t have been taken out so easily

  5. Mr. Wonij still looks like John Travolta to me.

    And I definitely think Tirin isn’t going to be happy with Trina for getting the door for Billy that way. The woman going through the door should have some good cuts on her, courtesy of breaking the glass (or whatever material it is).

    1. Can see why you would think that, but still personally see him more of blend of Wes Studi and Mad Mikkelson (with the hair of Travolta)

  6. To my mind, the buyer reminds me of John Larroquette’s character from “Night Court”, Dan Fielding.

    1. That is a name haven’t heard in a long time…

      1. But we have been hearing it again more recently.

  7. Yeah, one problem with that demonstration: true, Reny hit the target, but what about the follow-through? the round continued going after hitting the target

    As Sydney was told in “Grrl Power”: always check what is behind the target

    1. The roof is laser-proof 😅

      1. Hope the roof is laser-absorbent, because if it’s not, Rick O’Shae can cause some serious damage

  8. Being that that is a weapon shop in a bad neighborhood, I would assume that the glass would be armored of some type. That make the “opening” of the door more impressive

    1. You’re right! I think I should make the poor gal have a bit more damage on her skin…

      1. Ok, some wounds applied

        1. With the grip Trina had applied, it would have been easy enough to be tossing a corpsicle through the door.
          But, no reason to expect her combat app to be that much upgraded. Especially with Billy doing the mods.
          Eric Hines

      2. Figured it was one them safety-glass doors, the kind designed not to cut people (or things) when shattered (or thrown through)

  9. I suppose every Tirin in every timeline is destined to acquire the same nickname, or else we’d have to come up with a new title.

    Have the ladies been back to Mara’s for more reshaping?

    1. Reny’s proportions are the same, but her outfit sure makes it look otherwise! Perhaps Reny likes that particular fashion style?

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