Chapter 2, page 9

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2, page 9

  1. So, she’s unprofessional, with a snotty teenager attitude she ought to have outgrown by now. Her elevated sense of entitlement makes her imagine she deserves praise for doing her job poorly, in addition to thinking that a reward for doing the job she’s paid for should be not having to do the job she’s paid for anymore.

    I think I’m sympathizing more with Flin at this point.

  2. That’s one way of interpreting this scene, but I was hoping to convey more how Flin was a taskmaster, not giving Tirin much of a break or complimenting her for completing multiple missions, but he is willing to tolerate her insubordination (not firing her and only telling her to “shove it”) — is it because she is indeed one of his best agents? or for other reasons (devious or otherwise), hopefully spurring the reader to keep turning the page (correction: clicking to the next page).

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