Chapter 19, page 3 – the internship

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19 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 3 – the internship

  1. Keep your friends close, and your betters closer, I see.

    Yeah, this guy is a total ***.

    1. The main criteria for selecting Reny… was her age
      Oh, and her gender: young and female is how Torel likes them, easily manipulated and easier replaceable

      1. Scary when someone like that is in charge (especially with time travel)…

  2. Personally believe that, deep down, he is proud, he’s just also sad about how he was never accepted

    Would like to see, in a couple pages or so, him congratulate her and mean it!
    He doesn’t come across as a bad father to me, just someone who has many setbacks and disappointments

    1. or,, could be like my sperm donor.. an be HIGHLY resentful ,, IE: get it beat out of you IF you any better than him,!
      he wanted a “mini me clone.” an be just like him..
      but yes, would love to see him fully support her.!

      1. I won’t give anything away — on to the next page soon…

  3. Probably got the job because they already know she works there.

  4. I’d have enjoyed some mid-life-crisis-avoiding nanos a decade or so ago, had they been available….

    1. They work pretty well, but then you don’t get the red sports car.

      1. haha that’s right, no Ferrari convertible

      2. Red sports car pffft! Drove several, property of others. One was a 1958 Testa Rossa, from its pit to the gas truck, and then later around the track for a few brisk but constrained laps. Another was a fairly new (fewer than 1000 kicks on the odo) FIAT 124 Spyder from Venezia to Vicenza as the owner was too inebriated to do so himself (except it was yellow), a Volvo P-1800 several round trips between Palo Alto and Sunnyvale, a green Lotus MK VII at Vaca Valley Raceways, all without the burden of licensing and maintenance and all the other addenda concommittant with ownership.

        1. Holy crap! You drove all of those?! and in Italy?! Daaang! Did you have a favorite?

    2. Yes, they would have been nice to have

      1. One of my chemistry profs had a 250GTE Berlinetta and told me just how much it cost him to keep it; As above, without a win in something like the Irish sweepstakes, it’s no thanks. I *almost* had a 1948 Triumph roadster which our local positino was ready to sell, and I’d helped him in the latest stages of its restoration, and fortunately circumstances interfered with the acquisiiton.

        1. I can’t even imagine how much it would cost to maintain a car like that!!

  5. The mother’s facial arrangement is better than Remy’s or her dad’s, or most of the other characters, unless you intentionally placed their ears a few degrees out of square with their eyes. Whichever program you are using has the Japanese facial symmetry perfect in my opinion.

    1. I am using DazStudio — I love the model for Reny’s mom too — but I have not manipulated the characters’ facial features (they are pretty much direct from the daz3d store and the artists that created them)

  6. @Robert Nowall Like you, I detect temporal circularity.

    Torel accepts Reny as an intern because his older self warned to keep an eye on her because she was trouble.
    If he ignores the warning and doesn’t hire her, the trouble conditions won’t occur and circularity won’t arise.
    But he heeds the warning, which causes the trouble, which causes the warning — circularity. The cycle breaks only if causality can be broken. He *attempts* to break the cycle from the inside by drastic action – killing Reny. But external observers – the Tirinites – can get a better handle on the cycle from the outside, than he can from the inside.

    Also, Torel thinks that he and his organization are top dog. And he is — in his sandbox. He doesn’t realize that there is also outside the sandbox. Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean there isn’t someone better / stronger / bigger / faster / with better technology than you.

    @merceneiress. Always interesting. Thank you.

    1. No, thank you!

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