Chapter 17, page 40 – Warrior’s intuition

7 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 40 – Warrior’s intuition

  1. Wranbo: First Blood, part 53 …streaming now.
    If Rennie’s going to be alive 800 years from now, “healer” may not be an adequate label for her master.
    Also, make your calculations with a calculator, not Warian’s marbles. They haven’t worked right since Warian lost ’em.

    1. 🤣

  2. “Oh… that’s more detailed than my instinct!”

    1. Yup, exactly!👍

      1. She seemed a little ‘deflated’, maybe she could have asked “Is that something you can teach? And I can learn?”

  3. Regarding the invotive: interesting how the finger nails glow, but not the toe nails

    And… something seems ‘off’ about her left hip, the ‘crease’ seems too deep?

    1. Her magic is in her fingers (but she could also use her toes I suppose if she wanted to). Abby has joint hypermobility syndrome 😅

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