Chapter 17, page 35 – Master Felina and Tollewon Tirin

22 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 35 – Master Felina and Tollewon Tirin

  1. Saronian warriors – quick in fighting, wearing ridiculous amours (I always thought that these amours are magically souped up to be effective) – mhmm?! 🤔

    1. Definitely magically souped up

  2. IF the armor provides ANY protection, it’s by magic. At least it provides protection by distracting the attackers 😉 and shows the fighter is in physical shape.

    So the fighter learns the hard way to not rely on any protecting armor which can fail or is a problem if it’s not worn. Dodging and fast deadly counter-attacks are much more useful skills in melee fights.

    Also, if a fighter is used to fight almost naked it doesn’t distract them if they HAVE to fight completely naked.

    1. Agree completely!

  3. little known fact,,, ancient gladiators fought naked,, weapons an armor were later added to make it more exciting ( and later because nudity taboo..) then of course naked Olympics..
    ..Fantasy armor.. was designed so be sexy and stand out.!! real armor of the time blended in,, the more you looked like every one else, the less of a target you became for archers.. (an females did not fight.. ((bs)))

    1. The perfect blend is sexy and also magically souped up

    2. I watched “Expedition Unknown”, and Josh Gates was in a Battlefield full of Vikings killing each other to find out who’s the best, and a really gorgeous Lady beat them all as the last one standing!Viking women were excellent warriors in so many ways, and they could make combat moves that men just couldn’t do, even for the last beer.

      1. ..the most known Viking grave is now known to be female…an they are speculating (but cant prove) that females were along on most raids.. the “females don’t fight.” bs erased that..

      2. Now there’s a movie I’d like to see! Or a game I’d like to play (AC Valhalla is coming out soon — you can play the lead character as a female Viking)

  4. Never did trust Belle, and now Bel looks to be just as un-trust

    And Lil Tir was already head down the Warrior path, before something (or someone) on Saronia sent her down the wrong path

    1. I must have an unconscious thing for “Belles” as I just realized I named these two characters as such (oh well!). Yes, let’s see what else happens to her on this new path

      1. You just like the jingling and the tinkling of the bells.

        Eric Hines

        1. 😂😂😂

        2. You mispronounced “tintinabulation”, you poe boi.

        3. Try reading past the first stanza.
          Eric Hines

        4. Love that poem — crystallized my thoughts exactly 👍

  5. heh ,, good catch. 🙂

    1. 😀👍

  6. Screw trying to take down Lil Tir’s ‘purple guardian’, ah’m sure PeeTee didn’t go without leaving something behind to let her know if anything bad happened… well, anything serious anyway

    And speaking of Her Purpleness: why would ah want to catch you and end the chase, when the view is so enjoyable from back here? 😉

    1. The chase is indeed the most thrilling part! 😀

      1. Not necessarily. It’d be fun for she and I to celebrate our victory together.
        Eric Hines

        1. That’s true!

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