Chapter 17, page 23

10 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 23

  1. Oh… kay! Did _not_ see that happening, was sure the ex-PM was going to shoot Mirby in the back
    Nice curve 😛

    1. The thought definitely crossed her mind!

  2. aannd the continuation of the plot is going to be posted this Saturday, right Merceneiress?

    1. 😅 I wish I could!!

  3. Hmm, the Heart-guard have arrived 😀

  4. The sadistic expression of the skull in panel 6 is a must!

  5. heh just an evil thought…: she (Tirin) already has a shoulder pet (second entity)… Tirin an pet (name?) get her under control.. an tell her, “play nice an be ‘” pet #2 “‘ or we will expel (kill) you.”

    1. You’re good…😉

  6. [meta] The new vote bait is most entertaining!

    1. Glad you like it!

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