Chapter 17, page 11 – mega-me leaves

21 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 11 – mega-me leaves

  1. Whoa, wait – hold up – TP is gone gone? And Abby stayed behind? You just broke up the Dream Team?! Not gonna lie, Iā€™m shook and sad…

    1. Nah, can never keep those two apart for too long, and this isn’t the last we saw of PeeTee

    2. I had been planning on big Tirin leaving for awhile (she’s been through so much, she’s tired, she just wants to go somewhere quiet and live the rest of her life in peace and she wants to stay true to her conviction that there should be no more time manipulation AND leaving little Tirin to live out the rest of her life without influencing her), but I struggled with whether Abby should leave with her or stay with little Tirin. But, as you know, in this story, nothing is written in stone…

    3. Yes, TP is gone. Sold out. The shelves are barren. (Topical humor. It will not make sense in any other timeline.)

      1. Who says it makes sense in this timeline?
        Out of all the things to stock-hoard, why TP? o_O

        1. Ever been out?

          I suppose I could wipe my ass with my bare hand and wash up in the sink, but it doesn’t appeal to me at all!

        2. Must have missed the report where they mentioned that the Corona virus causes chronic diarrhoea (okay, that does not look like it is spelt correctly…)

      2. Haha! Kleenex is another option, but more expensive šŸ™

        1. Zack Tilly! Could understand hoarding Kleenex (or brand of choice), TP?

  2. Did it get darker more than it should? Or was all of the light in the room coming from the portal? o_O

    1. Not all light, but a lot. I left the last panel darker (kinda liked it that way — inadvertent foreshadowing?)

      1. Yeah, figured it was a touch of foreshadowing coinciding with what Lil Tir said, was just wondering if the extra darkening was simply art or something in-world, like, Billy will make a witty observation about it getting darker more than they expected (they would be familiar with what the lighting in that room should be)

        Tend to over analyse sometimes

  3. So Abby accepted the Prime Minister position. Even if she’d had other plans for her life, it’s not the type of offer that could be refused. She is qualified, with a high level of magical skill, and experienced, with years (15?) of observation/job shadowing from inside the mirror.

    1. Absolutely, it was an offer she couldn’t refuse (and a way for Abby to stay)

  4. Oooh! Nice vote bait today!

    1. ball of yarn.??

      1. Haha, forgot the yarn

    2. Glad you like it!

      1. Just a personal shame it’s a leopard outfit and not a cheetah šŸ™

        1. Or a liger. Sorry, just watched that netflix show…

        2. Just a huge cheetah fan
          Weird beasties: they don’t roar like every other Great Cat, and mum (who had a leopard while growing up in Africa) always believed they were canine not feline

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