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  1. I am very very very confused now

    The incentive is the queen from the recent story, but the smackjeeves page is down, the archive here only goes back a few days and the colouring style seems very different

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    Tristan Darkthunder

    Did we have a reboot or something?????

  3. Read the comments on the title page: basically, Smackjeeves decided to be a fuckarse and cancel his subscription, everything will be eventually restored, just give him time (several years’ worth to re-upload)

    It’s not a colouring style difference, it’s a different 3D program (and each time he updated, he came up with an in-comic explanation for Tirin’s appearance change… other than the normal changes due to age, between Lil Tir, Cadet Tir and ‘Adult’ Tir)

    1. My deepest sympathies. I think this has happened to others: a few favorite comics have disappeared recently.

      1. Yeah, ‘YAFGC’ went down last week, Rich managed to get a notice up the other day, butt haven’t seen it since

        1. Found two more favorites down this morning. Good luck with recreating what you’ve done.

  4. Looks like we lost several years of installments

    1. They will be back up as quickly as possible, they are not lost, just have to be re-posted

      At least it will give people who came late something to read, and comment on (no spoilers though)

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