Chapter 1, page 3

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  1. I think he’s waiting for you to be old enough to grasp how LITTLE those things relate to each other.

    …and if there’s a connection AT ALL, your impressive ability (and apparent lack of reluctance) to kill a human with your bare hands, does NOT in fact, inspire confidence in your ability to NOT kill people with a multi-ton high-speed vehicle.

  2. Yes, that is definitely one way to see it, but others may intrepret this scene as showing a little girl who has been taught how to kill (or perhaps how to lethally defend herself) and construct weapons by her dad, which are all very much adult activities and yet her dad won’t let her fly a little hovercraft. Might be asking too much for the reader to glean that this is a glimpse into Tirin’s messed up (or atypical) childhood and perhaps the father’s fear of letting his child out of his sight. At the very least if not that, then to spur the reader to keep reading and find out more.

    1. I think Tirin and Hit-Girl could trade stories!

      1. Definitely – I loved Kickass

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