Chapter 19, page 22 – Tirinesque

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 22 – Tirinesque

  1. DON’T DO IT! Torel’s expression is not the expression of someone willing to do law enforcement’s job for them. He’ll _say_ he’ll cooperate, but only to get the cuffs off. Law enforcement is being lazy, they would do a better job and learn more if they did it themselves.

    1. IMHO, his expression shouldn’t matter. Given the crimes Reny has witnessed, he shouldn’t be trusted even if he could manage to show a contrite expression.

      I do admit that her recorded evidence was far less than the total amount she’d witnessed. However, her testimony should be given weight also. Also, it seemed that she probably had enough evidence to show that he isn’t to be trusted, and all the history of conflict that the Tirinites have had with him should have shown that.

      All of this said, if I recall correctly, we’re in flashback, so we know they won’t do the smart thing here already.

  2. I don’t know how many times I have to say this: when it comes to time manipulation, “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!” Torel needs to be erased for the safety of the *verse. I don’t know what is so hard about this. The Tirinites in particular should be aware of how hard it is to keep a handle on things.

  3. Shouldn’t need to have the Nameless One (because his name should be erased, if not the man or his deeds, for the sake of lessons) erase his own safeguards. He can’t be trusted with that, anyway.
    Just move back in time to before his setting them and block the setting/mark them and their parameters for “IT” to erase.
    Burn this guy, slowly, even if it means sacrificing a couple of fancy handcuffs in the process.
    Eric Hines

  4. The Tirinites are just as tyrannical as Torel. You cannot defeat tyranny with tyranny.

    1. In what way?

      1. Sorry, I just noticed your question. I know it’s late but, for what it’s worth:

        Tyranny is the application of unrestricted power. That is why the focus of the US constitution was to restrict power. It might be argued that “benevolent tyrants” have existed, but only from the point of view of those who benefit from the tyrant’s benevolence. Everyone else only knows their tyranny.

        Tyrants hate other tyrants because they restrict their power. In this case, the “Tirinites are everywhere, but Torel’s time depot was the one place (they are) not able to infiltrate.” The only limit to their power was Torel and his time depot so, naturally, it is more important to disable Torel’s time depot safeguards than it is to eliminate Torel.

        Tyrants always choose the elimination of threats to their power over legal niceties like probable cause, warrants and trials, although show trials with friendly judges are a nice alternative. In this case the Tirinites “only regret” of needing to use a legal authority (the time bureau) is that they can’t just summarily erase their prisoner. Evidently their MO is to simply erase those who challenge their power. Who’s to say otherwise? When a person is erased, nobody even knows they existed.

  5. For some reason I am very sure Torel’s intented answer will be “Nope.” He might answer otherwise, but I wouldn’t trust that response.

  6. Okay, so this is when Reny dies (and Tirinesque), leading to Sari to show up later to rescue PeeTee and Mirby

  7. No, just no. Bullet to the brain pan ASAP. Dealing with the safeguards can be done over time and hey they go back in time, look over his shoulder and see what safeguards he put in place. He’s got to have thought of this moment, he may be a creep but he’s brilliant in his own way.

    1. You all know Torel better than they do!

      1. That’s because we have seen more of him than they have, which is not a good thing 🙁

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