Chapter 18, page 17 – why 2 Tirins can’t exist in the same timeline

19 thoughts on “Chapter 18, page 17 – why 2 Tirins can’t exist in the same timeline

  1. that face in panel 6, epic

    1. #6 and #11 – Fun with Rennie faces!

    2. Was just about to comment on panel six (panel eleven needs more crossed eyes 😛 )

    3. You should see all of the different expressions Rennie has! Hilarious!

  2. Speaking of someone getting a second chance: does this mean Rennie gets a ‘reboot’ to her life just like Tirin did?

    1. More on Rennie’s life coming soon…

      1. That’s good, considering previously, she had just been a passing victim mentioned in name only

  3. Always felt that this Tirin viewed the Original Tirin as more than just an older version of herself, panel two kinda hints at that

  4. Stars! They were supposed to be tweeting birds!


    2. The tweeting birds were not available so the stars had to fill in at the last moment!

      1. I sense twittering stars knocking on the back door!

  5. New invotive: surprised Wendy didn’t use her middle finger to indicate the upstairs, also surprised she put up with that shit!
    Hope she kept the outfit, she can wear it for TeePee 😉

    1. it’s the subject of a future Patreon story (how Wendy got out of her creepy summer job because she couldn’t just “quit”) 🙂

      1. That’s cool
        Do wonder one thing though (or maybe two): what did her parents think of that outfit? or did they not know about it?

        1. They didn’t know about it. This was an issue Wendy wanted to work out and solve for herself.

        2. Good for Wendy (for wanting to solve it herself, not for being in that situation)

  6. … upstairs no,. i want you to clean all the tops of the book cases again.!

    1. haha giving me ideas for her side story…

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