Chapter 18, page 16

13 thoughts on “Chapter 18, page 16

  1. TeePee is thanking Wendy for giving her closure, and… these are not the tears you are looking for

    1. I’ve been wanting to give Tirin closure and this page was intended to be a happily ever after thing, but now I wonder about what could happen to them…

      1. No, this? This is good, a good place to leave them
        As much as would personally like to keep seeing TeePee, she’s been through enough to last a hundred lifetimes, it’s time to let TirTeen have the spotlight

        1. Good point!

        2. I agree with Guesticules. Tirin has earned a quiet life. Hopefully, her Father is still around, but not that Bastard he worked for, Flin OOblin. Happy and uncomplicated. She deserves it.

        3. 👍

  2. Oooooh! That’s sweet! Closure and comfort, and who knows what else bodes for the future…

    1. Yes, closure is nice — but like you said, ideas abound about their future…

  3. My, look at the size of those tomatoes.

    1. XD

      1. Sometimes something just busts into your mind and you have to say it.

    2. Yes, those are what Wendy is looking at in panels five and six 😉

    3. Wendy’s ain’t arf bad, neither!

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