Chapter 17, page 38 – The Med Wagon arrives

18 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 38 – The Med Wagon arrives

  1. Now you’re just torturing the poor girl…

    1. I know… as if she hasn’t been through enough already 😈

  2. well… shit.!

    1. 😂😂💩

  3. Offer her a bloomin’ blanket, ya hooded stalker!

    1. Yeah, right? The least that big medical brute could do!

  4. When the medics look like rogues, do the rogues look like medics? On snowy ground a lab coat might give them a huge camouflage bonus.

    1. I was going to put in a thought about that. “Why’s he wearing armor?” Or “why are you dressed like that?” And he’d say “field dress — never know what I’ll be getting myself into out here”

  5. Thought there was a connection between Reny and Rennie…

    1. Yup! You got it!

  6. Regarding the most excellent invotive: yes, have seen orange boots before, quite similar to those ones actually, a pair of orange and black New Rock boots, saw them at a pawn brokers, didn’t have the money at the time, and, by the time did have the money, they were gone 🙁

    Great boots, New Rock, have three pairs already

    1. Thank you. Cool regarding actual orange boots! When I look online I see a “Flames” edition

      1. Yeah, can get ones with flames, those ones had orange panels, the major difference was they weren’t ‘tapered’ at the front like these ones

        Didn’t care what size they were (as long as they weren’t too small)

  7. Wait, hold the flying house! Did TirTeen say that the antidote wasn’t working when she called for the medevac? o_O

    1. I didn’t show it explicitly but We presume she did

      1. Or, Doc Sleaze knew it didn’t because he made sure it wouldn’t

        He knew what they were doing, and figured one of them would get bit, either way, Rennie would be in his hands soon enough, dead or alive (for her sake, dead would be slightly less distasteful)

  8. Wow, and it goes on. Great series.

    1. Thank you! 😃

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