Chapter 17, page 37

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    Christopher L Hunt


    1. And proof that Mirby is a fool 😛

      1. @Guesticus: the proof is in the pudding (which means in the eating (or tasting)). In the Queen’s case, this can be lethal when not done correctly, so Abby ain’t no fool — get old man Samson to do it 🤭

        1. Not all fools are idiots though 😀

    2. @Christopher L Hunt: Haha, absolutely (or was that sarcasm)?

  2. Just take one for the team! This doesn’t have to be an episode of Three’s Company, does it? (Yes, of course it does.)

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      Waiting for it turn out to be something innocent like the queen asking him to fix the bidet, shower heads, and Wi-Fi reception and everyone listening in getting the wrong idea.

      A deadly planet of deadly beautiful deadly women to field test that nano-fly on. And Tirin’s father helped improve it!? What could possibly go wrong? Poor innocent Dabney, sentenced to death for attacking the queen.

      1. @FilledWithLoveAndEvil: Haha! Nothing could possibly go wrong! Agree, poor Dabs — it’s tough being a doppleganger

    2. @MikeLinPA – did you know that Three’s Company was one of my favorite shows growing up? I think that was a big influence on me and why Samson is the only man in this story full of women 😅

      1. Three’s Company was good, still prefer the original English series though

        Poor Billy, doesn’t count… yet again 😛

        1. Ahh so many great British shows where the original is better than the remakes

    3. As was pointed out in a completely different web comic easily 10 years ago the person asking you to take one for the team is never the person who has to take one for the team. I have yet to see a story where taking one for the team has come up that this is not been true.

  3. Use the nano-taser and knock her out.
    Now, who would the queen suspect of having such a device?
    Or her guards?
    And who would be present when such a device was used?
    Eric Hines

    1. A plan devised by kids (even if it is Tirin and her genius sidekick) is bound to have bad consequences for those in the room…

      1. Thus expressing the difference between intelligence/intellect and wisdom. I’ve seen some very smart people do some very dumb things.

        1. Absolutely!!

  4. Y’know, they’re both adults and have been around the block more than a few times. Dad should make a stand and tell them all to butt out. IMO if he’s really opposed to an encounter of an intimate kind, I’m sure he can tactfully maneuver his way around it. If not, well it’s nobody else’s business and what happens in the Queen’s chamber should stay there. Yritai might get a bit miffed though.

    1. ..this is probably the best course. Trying to interfere is almost certain to just complicate things and make the situation worse.On another note, how does the queen’s “25% nudity” rule apply in her private chamber? Does Samson get a blindfold? Or is it waived in that event?

      1. @Mysto: Haha! Good question. I don’t want to give anything away, but I think the Queen will apply that law selectively, especially if it is to her benefit 😃 — for those of you wondering, this was a Patreon story from earlier this year about the Queen’s sunbathing guards — ” the Queen Flesh Law, which states that no one shall be able to view the Queen when more than 75% of her flesh is exposed for extended periods of time.”

    2. @SFCGator – yeah, Yritai is not going to be happy…

  5. Pops gone hit if he has to! She is the queen…..

    1. I agree with you Red — if he’s gotta, he’s gotta… it’s the Queen! 🤣

      1. She may be a Queen in name, unfortunately she is a Drag Queen in appearance 😛

  6. orange.??? looks gold to me.. 🙂

    1. I bet a nickel that’s a reference to chapter 13 page 17. Do I win?

      1. You win! Abby’s revenge causes Tirin to try to get a matching bike color

    2. @robnot: yeah, I think the lighting makes them look more golden (when I picked and colored the boots they were orange, I swear! 😁)

      1. The boots do look orange (well, orangey red), the bike looks gold to me

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