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About Merceneiress

Merceneiress is a free sci-fi webcomic that I first started working on in 2003 for fun, learning a lot along the way. It's been a long journey with it's share of ups and downs, and after a long hiatus in 2014, I decided to continue Tirin's adventures with renewed enthusiasm. I do have a day job, so I try to work on Merceneiress after hours whenever I have free time. I have set a goal of one new page a week and am trying to stick to it.

The essential ingredients to this comic are 3D assets purchased on various websites such as DAZ3D.com and Renderosity.com. I strive to create high quality images to go along with the hopefully equally pleasing story.

If you like Merceneiress and wish to support it, you can do so in a couple of ways. One is to vote for Merceneiress on TopWebComics.com. Voting gives you access to an incentive picture that I try to update twice a month. Voting helps increase Merceneiress's rank, ultimately exposing it to new readers who will hopefully enjoy the story too. Just click on the Vote picture on the left.

An alternative way to support Merceneiress is by donating money on Patreon.com. Even just a small amount like a dollar a month is tremendously appreciated. Donating gives you access to pictures available only on Patreon, such as full-sized pictures of old incentives, comic panels, or original content. If you are interested, just click on the Patreon banner on the left.

If you decide to do neither and just tune in once a week to read the story, that is ok too! I really hope you enjoy the visuals/story. Please feel free to comment too!

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