Chapter 16, page 13

June 27th, 2019, 11:47 pm

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Furushotakeru (Guest) June 28th, 2019, 1:08 am
As a Patreon I get this joke.
Guesticus (Guest) June 28th, 2019, 1:11 am
Okay, don't see anything in the images we see for Lil Tir to react like that, so... something we don't see? o_O
Guesticus (Guest) June 28th, 2019, 1:12 am
Okay, Frost breath looks new...
Merceneiress June 28th, 2019, 8:09 am
@Guesticus: Tirin is seeing what big Tirin and Abby have been up to (which is detailed in Patreon). Let's just say she's seeing the "merceneiress after dark" stuff. The more important plot point is that for some reason, she is starting to have big Tirin's memories...
Guesticus (Guest) June 28th, 2019, 11:56 am
@Merceneiress: okay, so was correct:- it's something we (the regular readers) haven't seen
Question now is: is that a 'bad' "eww..." or a 'good' "eww..."? :D

As for the why: it's either something TeePee has done (or will do), or it's Lil Tir's Magical Training
Dragonrider June 28th, 2019, 10:25 am
This could get dicey, especially if she sees part of the plot to kill Bitchlok, and Bitchlok used a spell to compel Tirin to reveal what she knows.
D.D.D. Destroyer (Guest) July 1st, 2019, 12:39 pm
This is a very clever Patreon plug :)
Merceneiress July 1st, 2019, 1:48 pm
@D.D.D. Destroyer: A bit shameless (sorry).
Guesticus (Guest) July 3rd, 2019, 4:01 am
@Merceneiress: personally don't see it that way, see it as you letting voters know that there are variants and how to get them (still have the original, was going to wait until Friday, the New Page Day, to comment)


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