Chapter 15, page 6

August 30th, 2018, 11:00 pm

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Dragonrider August 31st, 2018, 12:26 am
So much for a quiet nice of you to visit. More like here's a hot mug of Shut The Hell Up and Get The Fuck Out of Here.
Continuity (Guest) August 31st, 2018, 1:59 am
I'm going to hazard a guess that the society here places a LOT more emphasis on men being muscle-bound beefcakes and next to zero on hand-to-hand combat training. Because, you know, two words: slave revolt. I hope that Mirby can sleep spell them all before they do themselves some damage.
E Hines (Guest) August 31st, 2018, 7:39 am
@Continuity: Oh, Mirby most assuredly is not alone in this. Tirin the Original has some skill at hand-to-hand combat (it's not unarmed combat, not given the 10 weapons on her body with which she was born).
Nor would it surprise me to see the Borg person have some capacity in that direction.
It's really not a fair fight. But then, no fight should be.
Eric Hines
Dragonrider August 31st, 2018, 5:39 pm
@E Hines: The only thing deadlier than Tirin Johnson is Little Tirin Johnson with magick.
Merceneiress September 1st, 2018, 4:53 pm
@Dragonrider: And if little Tirin does learn magic big Tirin may gain some of that skill...
Merceneiress September 1st, 2018, 4:50 pm
@Continuity: Indeed. That's why they have Queensguards to handle big messes, but it must be their male instincts to attack even though their training was entirely beefcake-related.
D.D.D. Destroyer (Guest) August 31st, 2018, 3:36 am
I see that at least one of the masseurs (?) has their priorities straight...
Merceneiress September 1st, 2018, 4:52 pm
@D.D.D. Destroyer: Yes, attribute that to younger age, not jaded yet like the older guys.
Guesticus (Guest) September 2nd, 2018, 7:37 am
Slave Revolt!! Or at least, revolting slaves!!!
'Milady' gave no such orders, and male slaves attacking females? They will be lucky if all that happens to them is eunuchizing
Merceneiress September 2nd, 2018, 8:08 am
@Guesticus: Now that would make for a nice Patreon incentive ;)
Guesticus (Guest) September 3rd, 2018, 8:00 am
@Merceneiress: ? What would? o_O
Merceneiress September 3rd, 2018, 8:08 am
@Guesticus: Queen's or Mistress Salock's punishment of the slaves (just kidding, my Patreon site is mostly extra sexy pinups and storylines).
Guesticus (Guest) September 4th, 2018, 7:09 am
@Merceneiress: thought you were meaning the eunichizing (aka, castrating)
Sexy punishment could work (well, not with Bitchlock of course, unless it was her about hundred years ago when she was merely middle aged :P )
Guesticus (Guest) September 2nd, 2018, 7:45 am
Also, nice upgrade to the comment section (makes replying handier for a start), and soo glad you didn't go with Disquis :D
Merceneiress September 2nd, 2018, 8:10 am
@Guesticus: Thanks, glad you like it --- I am not a website programmer --- it took a while to figure it out. Smackjeeves has various templates and I had to mix a template that had this nicer comment set-up. Then I figured out how to use my own guest avatar. It took a looong time...
Guesticus (Guest) September 2nd, 2018, 4:07 pm
Don't those moroniots (moron idiots) know that magic is not one of the Vay Sins?
How do they believe Bitchlock would react if she heard them calling her a Vile Witch? o_O
kiddeagle (Guest) September 5th, 2018, 3:18 pm
The only one that has me worried is the big one in the back. he seems to be sitting back measuring how the ladies react to the attack. Wouldn't put it past him to have that test planned if anything goes wrong.
Merceneiress September 6th, 2018, 7:03 am
@kiddeagle: good observation...
Guesticus (Guest) September 6th, 2018, 2:57 am
Okay, Dabs had given orders to 'shoo' them away, butt she didn't give orders to attack, butt from the seems of things, that's the sort of thing that doesn't need specific orders: unannounced strangers just wandered into an area they shouldn't be, and attacked one of the attendants

Completely judged the masseuses wrongly :(
Merceneiress September 6th, 2018, 7:02 am
@Guesticus: Agree, with your assessment --- if Dabney just looked up from her session to see who they were, this may not have happened...
Lloyd (Guest) September 6th, 2018, 8:24 am
Hmm. I'm not sure if it is me or the color/shading of Dabney's arm in panel 7, but it seems that her anatomy might have a slightly misplaced part. But it also seems consistent with the anatomy in panel 4.
As always, thank you for creating Merceneiress and sharing it with us.
Merceneiress September 6th, 2018, 6:27 pm
@Lloyd: Are you referring to Dabney’s right arm? I think the shading issue is actually because the side of her breast is superimposed on her arm — I think that’s what you’re referring to? So yeah it does look weird. If the masseuse moved his arm out of the way it would be easier to see her breast in relation to her arm. Thank you for your comments and your support
Lloyd (Guest) September 7th, 2018, 7:51 am
@Merceneiress: Sorry for not being more clear. I was thinking her boob appeared lower on her abdomen than I would expect for someone in that half recumbent pose. Then I checked the earlier panel and I think the same issue occurs there too, boobs too low on the abdomen.
After more thought, I guess it's how the anatomical models in your cartooning program behave. Perhaps I'm picky.
robnot (Guest) September 6th, 2018, 11:54 am
@Lloyd: looks to be a side boob... then her arm...(panel 7)

@Merceneiress: an New Front panel.! also on vote incentive ,, hate that type holster,, NEVER stays in place...
Merceneiress September 6th, 2018, 6:30 pm
@robnot: yup you got it! I have the luxury of moving the masseuse’s arm out the way and see that it is indeed the side of her boob superimposed on her arm. Yeah not a very practical holster. Hard to find a decent one in the catalog.
Guesticus (Guest) September 7th, 2018, 7:43 am
@Merceneiress: Panel 7 does look weird: even ignoring the arm in the way, the way Dabs is reclining, her bewb looks like it is way too low compared to panel 4

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