Chapter 12, Page 14

August 12th, 2016, 1:58 am

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Kheda (Guest) August 12th, 2016, 5:27 am
"Yes, and you love me all the more for it."
Merceneiress August 14th, 2016, 1:17 am
@Kheda, @Jarin, @Quarktime: Haha, great potential lines for the next panel!

@Guesticus: I added helmets to the guards (unlike in the cover), so they do look a little bit different. Yes, we haven't seen Wendy for awhile. 24 days because it is a Retract Year (hee hee, get it? instead of a leap year? I know, bad joke).

@Dragonrider: You're right about little Tirin (the benefit of having future memories about the Vays).

@Peter: Thanks, glad you liked the page --- just happened to be the angle I set the camera at (but yes, the particular view did influence the decision to keep that angle).
Guesticus (Guest) August 15th, 2016, 12:16 am
@Merceneiress: wasn't just the helmets, the one in front of Granny looks 'darker'

And totally love the fact, if they hadn't been distracted by the glowing eyes of the statue, Lil Tirin would totally have used Falina like chewing gum :D
Quarktime (Guest) August 12th, 2016, 7:46 am
"And your point IS?"
Guesticus (Guest) August 12th, 2016, 8:16 am
Lil Tirin knew the pass-phrase, that has to mean something :P

Where was Yritai hiding her rifle? Don't recall her carrying it during the walk through town (and when Lil T kicked Falina's tits)... oh, there it is, that's why she shook hands with her left

Hmmm, are those the same guards we have seen previous? The one in front of Salock looks... different
Guesticus (Guest) August 12th, 2016, 8:18 am
And "YAY!" for new invotive, have missed poor Wendy
Only 24 days in he month? o_O
Jarin (Guest) August 12th, 2016, 9:38 am
Waiting for "Hey, Grandma!"
Guesticus (Guest) August 12th, 2016, 4:19 pm
@Jarin: that would make Yritai a princess oh right, Granny is the grump in the red robes, not the one warming Tirin's future seat :D
Dragonrider August 12th, 2016, 4:08 pm
@Jarin: More likely, "So what if I'm impertinent? I can kick the ass of anyone here, starting with this dumb bitch behind my father, already set her back on her fat ass once *Turns and flips off Falina* put me in the arena, one on one with her in hand to hand." *Looks directly at Falina,"Dumb Cunt"*.

Seems Tirin remembers the only way to beat the system here is to be more audacious than everyone else, never show fear and remember they want her because she is prize Genetic stock and, almost as good a weaponeer as Sampson. Tirin Prime was offered damn near the run of the Kingdom when she kicked ass in the trials, defeating all four challenges using only her brains, combat skills and,no magick.
Peter (Guest) August 14th, 2016, 12:07 am
The comic looks great again, the crypt is cool (and reminds me of the start of Oblivion), and you gave us a very nice view of Yritai's backside ;)
agedsage (Guest) August 15th, 2016, 6:44 pm
"And who do you think you are ,treating us like prisoners?"
stormbringer77 February 10th, 2018, 10:52 am
Perfect Ass! Yritai's Ass is better than Beautiful.She has the perfect bubble butt that is so squeezable and I bet it has the best up and down shake as She walks away. Don't get me wrong,Felina has a nice one too.But Her nasty attitude doesn't help her out on her looks.

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