Chapter 11, Page 35

February 20th, 2016, 8:46 am

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Dragonrider February 20th, 2016, 10:38 am
Show and tell time. Not exactly what you would see in most kindergartens though.
Brian (Guest) February 20th, 2016, 11:30 am
She was recently soapy. Surely she wants to rinse before dressing.
unicornfrog February 20th, 2016, 4:45 pm
Jamie59 February 20th, 2016, 5:23 pm
Must check for booby traps first. Please roll around & get on your feet first. We'll watch.
Guesticus (Guest) February 21st, 2016, 9:57 am
Wouldn't she rather have the clothes first? o_O

Figured she would like being tied up, or does she prefer doing the tying up? O_o
Brianna Ort (Guest) February 21st, 2016, 2:35 pm
@Guesticus: What few items of clothing could be put on with wrists and ankles tied would still be rather difficult to do herself. And they've already seen her naked.
Guesticus (Guest) February 22nd, 2016, 6:26 am
@Brianna Ort: no, they get the clothing and then untie her and then she dresses herself, or they untie her and get the hael out of the room

They may have seen that she is naked, but they haven't seen her naked (her arms and thighs are keeping her covered), if she wasn't worried about them seeing her naked then she would have sat up and thrust out her arms for them to untie her
Guesticus (Guest) February 22nd, 2016, 6:29 am
Just came across Shara's exact same swimsuit outfit in a She-Hulk image on DeviantART (Shulkie was contemplating putting it on)
Merceneiress February 22nd, 2016, 9:05 am
@Dragonrider: Show and tell is right and she's trying not to show too much, but failing miserably.

@Brian (Guest): Haha. The makings of a deleted scene.

@unicornfrog: The facial expression dial I used was named "rage."

@Jamie59: Haha! No pun intended, right?

@Guesticus: Clothes, untie quickly and then out of the room, fellas! I love the she-hulk! That would be something to see.

@Brianna Ort (Guest): The dialogue was supposed to go "one of you need to untie me first, the other get my clothes, then both of you get the hell outta the room!"
Continuity (Guest) February 22nd, 2016, 10:24 pm
Not Helpless Did she just wake up? Being bound hand and foot, but not to the bed itself, shouldn't prevent her from:

a) rolling out of bed
b) untying her feet
c) finding something sharp in the room
d) freeing herself completely

but NO, she has to lie there and give the rescue team a free peek.
Merceneiress February 23rd, 2016, 8:43 am
@Continuity: Good points. Yes, she just woke up and heard the soldiers breaching other rooms, so why hurt herself by rolling off the bed? Instead she waited for them, but they were taking too long, hence her irritation at them.
rob (Guest) February 23rd, 2016, 4:11 pm
If they have data link, then they are reporting as they do it.. so next team knows what happened, an where..
also weapons,, g11 crossed with p90??
last good rope job... ( ? bdsm much?? )
Merceneiress February 24th, 2016, 12:59 pm
@rob: She had sort of a primitive mental connection with Goran. But they all communicate via a device (com link or whatever you want to call it). Yeah some kinda futuristic G11 + P90 hybrid is about right. Siresha a bondage expert? Naah. ;)

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